For years we have been collecting movie props, helmets, armors … but we were never really satisfied with the choice of displays available to us.
We thought of a display system that would be versatile, complimentary, adaptable to our specific needs. It was important to us that we could easily “share” not only the visual display but also the information relevant to the pieces being displayed.

We developed our first product, the exquisite XIBIT.01 TheBase, to be the starting block of a whole range of displays united in functionality and style. XIBIT.01 TheBase is meant to be the ultimate helmet and mask display for serious collectors. TheBase has a dedicated notch to securely drop your PLAK as well as a modular center pole which you can adjust in height without compromising its aesthetic. Topped with our holding puck it can accommodate most helmet and latex masks available on the market .

Depending on your passion’s commitment you may find our XIBIT.02 TheBust to be the ultimate helmet holder or an incredible show piece that will be the envy of fellow collectors. This is not your typical display bust , worked from the ground up to be a real “living” piece which also comes with a slot for your PLAK.

Further down the road we will be introduction XIBIT.03 TheBig a full size, 1:1 display mannequin like no other. XIBIT.04 TheBlade and XIBIT.05 TheBlast will then focus on weaponry, all with the same style and unique feature; a true collectors ‘dream come true.

In short, check out the PLAK(c) and its accessories for newest collector’s autograph chaser dream; the XIBIT.01 TheBase for the optimum unified helmet display stand and XIBIT.02 for the ultimate character bust and helmet display.

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