The place is the element linking all of our design. It was originally thought to be this piece that would make sharing a prop with friends that much easier. Once outfitted with one of our card or customized by the owner to describe the actual prop, it sits in its dedicated slot on the any of our XIBIT products. With it’s easy Take/Place action it allows you to showcase the prop while your friend actually hold the PLAK with the info on it.

The PLAK can be outfitted with one of our KARD showing basic information about the prop. We have designed a several collections of KARD for the Star Wars enthusiasts and left enough space for a most desired autograph. Easy and light to carry, hard to break it may become the next must have format for autograph chaser.

Since the PLAK is designed to work with any of our products it means you can use the signed version of your PLAK once upgrading from a simple helmet to a full costume of display…it will fit in the slot!