We find helmet stands to lack personality and often fail to really highlight the pieces we love to show. We like unity across all our helmet stands. We also want a stand to be stylish enough on its own but not overpowering to the props nor the space it is used in, almost invisible.

TheBase is meant to work harmoniously with your display environment; non- intrusive and uncluttered design make for a very stylish display stand that focus the attention on the prop.

TheBase has a dedicated notch to securely drop your PLAK and easily remove it to share with your friends and visitors. The PLAK can be customized by you or through the purchase of KARD related to the props on display.

TheBase also allows you to display a wide range of helmet and latex masks thanks to a modular center pole which you can adjust in height without compromising its aesthetic. You will be able to display helmet at the following heights in cm 20 / 25/ 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50. The acrylic screw-on system ensures the strength of the pole while the top puck gives it just enough surface to hold and balance the showcase.

So far TheBase has been successfully used for the following helmets and masks : BSG Original Viper Helmet, SW Darth Vader, SW Stormtrooper , Tusken Raider, Imperial Gunner, Tie Fighter Pilot, Shore Trooper, Tank Trooper, Mud Trooper, X-wing Pilot, B-Wing Pilot, A-Wing Pilot, Ello Asty Latex, Chewbacca,