Sometimes you want a little more than a helmet stand and you want to contextualize it as a bigger piece, not a full rise replica but a bust. There are a few options out there with one commonality: they are heavy painted pieces; they look good but lack the originality of a replica piece.

TheBust is meant to offer a true context to a prop. It has been redesign from the ground up with very specific sizes in mind so that it can display beautifully not only a helmet but also part of the associated character. While shorter than your average commercial bust it offers a magnificent display piece when outfitted with the proper clothing.

TheBust holding plate is made to match XIBIT.01 in style and material including the notch detail for your PLAK allowing you to easily interchange between TheBase and TheBust whenever necessary. It offers added sturdiness and balance to your prop firmly grounding them in place.

TheBust is also outfitted with the same modular pole system found on XIBIT.01 thus allowing you for a wide array of heights when required and comes with the standard helmet holding puck.

Because of its specific design we have also developed (and continue to develop) a collection of clothing fitted to the use of the bust. So far you are able to choose the following options: Imperial Jumpsuit Black and Grey, Stormtrooper and Clone trooper undercut with neck seal, Rebel Pilot Jumpsuit Orange and Red.