Passionate about Star Wars since it ‘s original release, we began a journey into the universe of large props, replica weapons and movie costumes over two decades ago. The goal has always been to build unique pieces with that would be most true to the ones that have been used in the movies; always tinkering, always updating…

After years of researching, collecting, making and having community members enjoying our collection of costumes, we decided to put together a unique exhibition displaying what could be seen as the largest private collection of costumes and props in Europe.

Throughout the exhibition you will come across over 40 full highly visually accurate costumes painstakingly put together by hand. From Imperial Tie fighters to Rebel fleet troopers, jawas an a wookiee; you will experience first hand what true fandom made us accomplish.

The costumes are accompanied by unique life size busts of various characters and creatures as well as an extraordinary collection of helmets including the “evolution” collection allowing you to witness the subtle changes the stormtrooper, clonetrooper and Darth Vader went through movie after movies.

Coming in 2020 – will certainly be an amazing experience to share with your friends and family.